Here’s what our partners, investors and clients
have to say about working with EIG:

To any who might be considering investing with Equity Investments Group:

“In my retirement, I have placed funds with several ‘organizations’ focused on Real Estate Investments. Some were as a Partner, some as a Lender, but all in a position of generating ‘cash on cash’ of at least 8%. With the Real Estate Crash of 2008, many of these investments were turned into BK or Foreclosures. Thankfully, Ron Kaplan (Equity Investments) has been the most successful in continuing returns on investment. While I realize, there are no guarantees, I find Ron to be truthful to his word and provides me with information, on all my loans, that reduces my time and involvement of over site. I am submitting this statement, obviously without remuneration, with pleasure to be placed on Equity’s Website”

Bob Taylor, CA


My name is Wade Calmer:

I have been an active licensed Real Estate Broker for over 30 years, which has allowed me to invest successfully in Trust Deeds on a very small scale, but  the last 5 years have been extremely frustrating and challenging due to the Real Estate Crash and has taught me just how little I know about the Hard Money Lending Arena.

This is where Ron Kaplan with Equity Investment Group comes into the picture.  I responded to a mailer that Ron had sent out to purchase one of my non-performing notes.  Ron put the deal together in a very timely manner and did what he said he was going to do.

I was so impressed with Ron that I had him negotiate on my behalf with some other struggling non-paying borrowers and he continues to do an unbelievable job!  He now services all my loans.

Being in the Real Estate Game for 30 years I have met a lot of characters, but Ron Kaplan stands out to be a very professional and honest businessman that definitely knows the Trust Deed Market Place.

Wade Calmer


To Whom it May Concern:

It has been my pleasure to do business with Ron Kaplan for nearly 20 years.  Ron is highly intelligent and has great analytical skills.  He’s an excellent communicator in writing or verbally.  His perseverance and patience are second to none.  I would say he’s what’s classified as a “Bridge Brain” – the right and left hemispheres of the brain are well integrated.

Ron Kaplan is not a diamond in the rough – he’s a diamond!

Dale Quelle, EA, OCEA Newsletter Editor


To Potential EIG Investors:

My transactions with Equity Investments Group have been excellent, my representative Ron Kaplan keeps me up to date on all account activities. He is on top of things and if I ever have any questions he’s never out of touch. I am very pleased with him and the progress he has made on my account.

Garcia, Cecelia H


I’ve been in the Real Estate Lending and Residential Housing Industry for over 30 years; mostly in executive management.  I have a full understanding of the processes and details required for success and profitability with trust deed investments.  Equity Investments Group exceeded my most conservative qualifications, which is a testament to their achievement.  Ron Kaplan performs more due diligence prior to purchasing loans than most banks, hedge funds and other investment groups.  Additionally, his purchasing model dictates specific underwriting criteria from state to state, assuring the quickest possible turn around times.  Ron handled a considerable sum of my assets since 2006 and performed 100% to our contract.  Our economy performed poorly in every sector since that time.  I only wish more of my assets were invested with Equity Investments Group for the past 5 years.

Charlie Finn


Dear Prospective Investor:

My wife and I worked with Ron Kaplan on a difficult foreclosure during which the problems never seemed to end.  The owner, although a year in arrears, nevertheless employed every legal process to stay in the property.  She filed a petition in bankruptcy twice and thereafter refused to leave until evicted by the Sheriff following a fully litigated an Unlawful Detainer action.  When she did vacate the house was a mess and the property in a serious state of disrepair.  Ron organized the property rehabilitation, hired contractors, dealt with the city code enforcement office and handled the many issues that arose.  When presentable, Ron listed the property and in a surprisingly short period of time brought the matter to a close with a successful sale.

Everything was handled in a straight forward, competent, and professional manner.  The one word that describes Ron is “reliable” – and as decision points arose, he kept us timely informed, made sound suggestions or provided realistic alternative, and put our decisions into action without delay.  Although it is unlikely that we will find ourselves in a similar circumstance in the future, I would use Ron again without question.  We are very satisfied with his competence and honesty.

Blaine Fields


To Whom it May Concern:

Ron has been my investment broker for the last 3 years.  He has been honest, hard working, reliable and a wise counselor, always there for me.  His investment strategy has given me security and confidence in my long term investments.  Because of his interest and concern on my behalf I value him as a good friend.

Jeanne Lorti


To Whom it May Concern:

Our clients were the victims of a multimillion dollar real estate fraud perpetrated by an individual who used multiple entities to transfer assets. The research and analysis performed by Mr. Kaplan, of dozens of real estate loan transactions were instrumental in obtaining a successful resolution on behalf of our clients. Mr. Kaplan’s professionalism and knowledge of the industry were evident in the work product that he produced and his assistance given to counsel during the litigation.

Ken E. Steelman, Esq.
Corbett, Steelman & Specter